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Curl Hair Products

Finally, the curl products your natural curls have been waiting for. At Living Proof, we’ve developed the ultimate Curl range that will give you 3x stronger curls* in just one wash. Specially formulated without parabens, sulphates, or synthetic ingredients, our curl products gently cleanse without stripping curly hair, whilst giving it a natural fortifying shield around every strand.


How to Enhance Your Curls

Whether you’ve got long waves or short ringlets, you can enhance your curls easily with the Living Proof specialist products for curls. Start by using curly hair shampoo and conditioner, but remember to let your conditioner sit for as long as possible before rinsing. From there, define your curls straight from wet using one of our Curl enhancer, elongator or defining gel depending on your hair type or final goal.


Experience defined curls, enhanced frizz protection, increased shine, and noticeably healthier hair-all after with Living Proof’s Curl product collection. Embrace your curls today.