In 2005, an unlikely combination of biotech scientists from MIT and renowned hair stylists came together in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to pioneer a first-of-its-kind hair care philosophy based in science. Their purpose? To solve the world's toughest beauty challenges.


A team of world-class scientists, coming from fields outside of beauty, were led by Dr. Bob Langer, "one of history's most prolific inventors in medicine."


Our mission is to create inventive solutions designed to solve real-world hair problems—never to conceal them. While our passion for incredible hair comes to life in the lab, it is sustained by the results we see not simply in brilliant, healthy hair—but in our customers.

We are the science.You are the Living Proof.

120 global patents, 405+ formulas, 44 products, and 200+ awards later, we continue to put research at the forefront of our formulations.