While our products speak for themselves, we’ll gladly let these editors speak on our behalf.

“Living Proof is the Meryl Streep of haircare…A brief moment to say: We love your body of work” – Allure

“I recommend one of the most talked-about formulas from the past few years. I am not sure what kind of witchcraft the brand has harnessed, but somehow Living Proof's formula soaks up oil, refreshes hair, and cancels out odor without feeling like anything. Seriously, beauty editors love this stuff — and you will, too.” – Refinery29

“When I first tried out Living Proof’s Full Dry Volume Blast I honestly wasn’t expecting miracles, due to the frequent disappointments that clouded my haircare regime. But a miracle is sort of what I got – a couple of spritzes of this deliciously-scented formula and a gentle zhuzh of my unruly hair later and there was a definite, noticeable change in volume. My hair looked fuller, cooler and most importantly, didn’t feel loaded with gloopy product.” - Hypebae

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