Living proof + Terracycle

We’ve taken matters into our own hands by partnering with TerraCycle, to ensure you can recycle any Living Proof bottles in the UK. No matter where you purchased your Living Proof products, once you've used them up we'll recycle them (for free) for you.

Join our free recycling program by creating an account with TerraCycle.

How to recycle your Living Proof products‌:

Liter Pouch Refills

Meet the new eco-friendly Liter Pouch Refills that deliver 4x the product using 80% less plastic.

We’re dedicated to decreasing the use of virgin plastic as a step in our ongoing commitment to sustainability.

By 2025 we commit to...

Decrease the use of virgin plastic by 50%

Increase the use of post-consumer recycled materials to at least 50%

100% fully recyclable packaging