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Love Notes
Restore Shampoo
Posted by Ella on October 03, 2019 For someone who has very thin, fine hair, which was naturally curly when I was younger, but damaged by years of straightening during school (because I hated my hair) this product is a life saver! I hated my hair during school, and straightened it all the time, which made my hair break off and now I struggle to grow it past my shoulders, and I can’t even put it up because it’s so thin it won’t even go in a bun! I’ve tried letting my hair dry naturally for years now and it just never went back curly. I’ve tried nearly every hair mask and shampoo on the high street to try and help my hair but most of them made it worse. Then I came across living proof and now I will never look back! After just a few months of using the restore shampoo, conditioner and hair mask my hair finally has restored back to its natural curly state and I could not be happier! It’s saved my hair! The packaging is beautiful, it smells nice, and it is definitely worth every single penny! I will continue to use the restore collection for a little while longer and then I’m going to move onto the thickening collection to add some volume to my hair, thank you living proof for being a hair saviour!!!!
Restore Smooth Blowout Concentrate
So helpful
Posted by Andi on September 17, 2019 I got this as a free sample from living proof after taking the hair quiz. I had for a while before I actually tried it. Really good. Hair actually looks like been blow-dried at hairdressers with more body and less frizz. I can't agree that takes less time to dry though. In fact if you use too much takes longer. Little goes a long way.
Perfect hair Day (PhD) In-Shower Styler
Where has this stuff been all my life!!
Posted by Andi on September 17, 2019 I was a little dubious when I saw it but thought for a tenner I'd give it a go and eventually did when on a beach holiday and was far too busy to be bothering with blow-drying my hair. Amazing. I have naturally wavy hair but kind of a kink rather than a pretty wave. This stuff made my hair like beach waves which I would normally achieve by blow-drying and then curling taking ages with my thick hair and would drop out after few hours. This achieved better results which lasted DAYS but with zero effort. I would not try sleeping on as I think I'd wake up with crazy hair. This has definitely given me another option and definitely not just for holiday. Living Proof you are some kind of geniuses. After forty four years I have the hair I want!
No Frizz Nourishing Oil
Enhances my wavy/curly hair!!!
Posted by Jillsand on September 04, 2019 I was quite reluctant to purchase the product together with the no frizz shampoo and conditioner but I am so glad I bought it as it really really enhances my wavy curly hair and it even volumise my hair weightlessly.
No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream
Posted by Zaré on June 20, 2019 And suddenly, one day you discover THE PRODUCT all your life has been waiting for. These curls I've just find out are amazing. After 40 years dreaming with the perfect curls, I've found them. It's like having your hairstylist at home every morning.