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Love Notes
Style Lab Flex Hairspray
Spray Love
Posted by Daisy on February 14, 2018 This is without a single doubt the best flex spray my hair has ever enjoyed. I tossed the plethora of cans that only disappointed and clogged my hair folicles no doubt adding to my thinning issue. I'm so grateful that LP is silicone free. I've ordered 3 cans. Yep, it's that great of a product. Hold that's light, soft to the touch, and flexible. I can't ask for more than that miracle in a can.
Restore Smooth Blowout Concentrate
Restore Smooth Blowout Concentrate is a game changer
Posted by Carol on February 11, 2018 I don't normally write endorsements for brands and their products. While I have come to count on Living Proof products -- and especially the Restore line -- for my hair to look healthy and amazing, I didn't feel compelled to write a product endorsement until I tried Smooth Blowout. Oh my goodness! I have thick, course hair that I can easily shape into a smooth blowout with simply the use of this product and a bristle brush. Normally, I blow dry a section and then flat iron it. I no longer have any need for the flatiron. And my hair remains perfect for two to three days. The only thing Smooth Blowout doesn't do for me is cut my blowout time. It is about the same as it's always been. Thank you for this product!
Restore Perfecting Spray
Great Detangler
Posted by Shannon on February 09, 2018 I got a free sample of this product when I bought some other things from LP. I am not hooked. My daughter has very fine, curly hair so it get extremely tangled very easily. I use this on her hair after a shower and it makes combing it out super easy. No more crying about getting her hair combed. This has worked better than any other detangler I have tried. I will definitely be buying this again.
Style Lab Prime Style Extender
Love, Love, Love SL Style Extender
Posted by Mary E on February 06, 2018 I got this full size tube in my last order I think it was May 2017 and still have plenty left because I have short hair. It does exactly what it says it does, extend the life if your style. I use it and then add 5 in 1 over top of it. Even with short hair my style lasts almost a week. I have been using a consideraby higher priced shampoo but am switching to LP shampoo/conditioner with this order. Also have the pre-shampoo treatment, the LP full dry volume blast spray, the LP full thickening cream and the thickening mousse. Most often use the pre-shampoo treatment, the style extender, the 5/1 cream and the dry shampoo. But think I will re-look at the products I have on hand and think about using them more fully. Ordering SL texture spray, styler and the shampoo/condition in the PHD format.
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo
Love this Dry Shampoo!
Posted by Christine on February 05, 2018 This spray-powder dry shampoo is definitely worth the money. My hair is normally very oily the second day after washing, but with the PhD Dry Shampoo I feel comfortable leaving my hair unwashed for work. It smells nice and gives my hair volume. Washing my hair every other day has helped combat the winter dryness, too. Would totally recommend this product!