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Love Notes
Restore Repair Leave-In
Posted by Georgina on January 30, 2020 Absolutely amazing product, I suffer with dry split ends in my hair, this has helped dramatically. Would strongly recommend to anyone!
Restore Mask Treatment
I am in love
Posted by Simona on November 06, 2019 I can not explain how much i love this product. I have curly hair. Unfortunately damaged from heat styling. One friend of mine asked me if i am pregnant because i look fresh especially my hair :) i said no i am not pregnant i just have amazing hair mask treatment. I would recommend it as much as possible. I just made another order as they offer to get few mini presents incl over £30 spend. So if you are thinking about any hair mask for your damaged hair go for this!
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Triple Detox Shampoo
Triple Detox Shampoo - a life-saver, thank goodness now available in UK
Posted by Catherine on October 31, 2019 This is a life-saver for sulphate-free deep cleansing. My hair is baby-fine, but still need deep cleansing and de-toxing, which must be sulphate free as I have a Brazilian keratin treatment. This re-boots my hair and scalp so it isn't congested any more, feels fresh and clean.
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo
Trekking must have
Posted by Veronica on October 27, 2019 I took Perfect Hair Day with me on a 7 day trek in Nepal and was very impressed. I have thin, greasy hair which normally needs to be washed every day, which is difficult on a trip like this, instead I used the product every evening and my hair looked clean and even had volume which was impressive considering I was wearing a cap every day..
Restore Shampoo
Posted by Ella on October 03, 2019 For someone who has very thin, fine hair, which was naturally curly when I was younger, but damaged by years of straightening during school (because I hated my hair) this product is a life saver! I hated my hair during school, and straightened it all the time, which made my hair break off and now I struggle to grow it past my shoulders, and I can’t even put it up because it’s so thin it won’t even go in a bun! I’ve tried letting my hair dry naturally for years now and it just never went back curly. I’ve tried nearly every hair mask and shampoo on the high street to try and help my hair but most of them made it worse. Then I came across living proof and now I will never look back! After just a few months of using the restore shampoo, conditioner and hair mask my hair finally has restored back to its natural curly state and I could not be happier! It’s saved my hair! The packaging is beautiful, it smells nice, and it is definitely worth every single penny! I will continue to use the restore collection for a little while longer and then I’m going to move onto the thickening collection to add some volume to my hair, thank you living proof for being a hair saviour!!!!