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Boost waves, without the weight. This lightweight conditioning styler enhances natural texture, while providing control and frizz protection. It's powered by our Healthy Curl Complex for effortlessly soft, shiny waves.

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  • Leaves waves stronger and more defined
  • The Curl System* provides 90% frizz control
  • Improves the definition of your waves
  • Enhances waves without the weight
  • Provides lightweight conditioning
  • Creates waves that look soft, shiny and hydrated from root to tip
  • Transforms waves to look visibly healthier over time
  • Provides control and soft hold
*Curl Shampoo, Conditioner and Styler

How to Use

Apply to wet hair root to tip. Evenly distribute throughout your hair. Scrunch to form curl groupings. Dry as usual.

Application Tips

- Start with a small amount and add more as needed.
- If you have coarse, wavy hair, you may prefer the medium conditioning benefits of the Curl Definer.
- For added hold or shine, we recommend finishing your style with Curl Defining Gel (hold) and/or Curl Moisturizing Shine Oil (shine).
- Curl Enhancer does not make straight hair wavy, as it was designed for naturally wavy textures. If you're looking to add waves to your straight hair, try our Perfect hair Day™ (PhD) In-Shower Styler.

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What is Curl Enhancer?

Curl Enhancer is a conditioning styler that enhances waves without the weight while providing control and frizz-protection. This styler combines our Healthy Curl Complex with lightweight conditioning to create soft, shiny, healthy waves.

Who is Curl Enhancer for?

Curl Enhancer was formulated for wavy hair to enhance your natural waves.

How do you use Curl Enhancer?

Apply to wet hair root to tip. Evenly distribute throughout your hair. Scrunch to form curl groupings. Dry as usual.

What is the conditioning level of Curl Enhancer?

Curl Enhancer is our lightweight conditioning styler formulated for wavy hair.

Is there hold in the Curl Enhancer?

Curl Enhancer does not have traditional styling resins that would provide hold. This product is about controlling the hair to keep curls defined and frizz-free throughout the day.

Does the Curl Enhancer or Curl Definer deliver more curl definition?

Curl Enhancer was designed to enhance waves while Curl Definer was formulated to control and define curls. It depends on the hair type which delivers more curl definition.

Can Curl Enhancer be used on curly hair?

Yes, the majority of curly consumers have multiple curl patterns on their head. If a curly consumer would like to use Enhancer they can! This could be preferable for individuals with finer hair or looking for more of a voluminous style.

Can Curl Enhancer be mixed with the other Curl stylers?

Yes, you can mix Curl Enhancer with the other Living Proof Curl stylers.

Can I overuse Curl Enhancer?

Yes, it is possible to overuse Curl Enhancer. If you are nervous about using too much, start with a small amount and you can add more as needed.

Should Curl Enhancer be applied to wet or damp hair?

For best results, apply Curl Enhancer to wet hair.

Can Curl Enhancer be used on dry hair?

Curl Enhancer was designed to be applied to wet hair and that is the suggested usage. However, all curl consumers are different with their own unique way of using products.

What is a conditioning styler?

A conditioning styler is a product that provides both treatment and styling benefits. It offers the conditioning of a leave-in treatment and styling benefits of a styling product.

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