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So long, shrinkage. This elongating conditioning styler defines and detangles even the tightest coils, making styling easier than ever. Powered by our Healthy Curl Complex, it leaves curl groupings soft, shiny, and frizz-free. No trade-offs.

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  • Leaves curls stronger and more defined
  • The Curl System* provides 90% frizz control
  • Defines and elongates curls, No shrinkage!
  • Forms curl groupings that are consistent from root to tip
  • Improves the definition of your curls
  • Provides rich conditioning
  • Transforms curls to look visibly healthier over time
  • Smooths and controls frizz on coarser textures
  • *Curl Shampoo, Conditioner and Styler

How to Use

Work in sections, apply to wet hair root to tip and comb through for even distribution & to form curls. Style & dry as usual.

Application Tips

- Start with a small amount and add more as needed.
- If you have fine coily hair, you may prefer the medium conditioning and medium hold of the Curl Definer.

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What is Curl Elongator?

Curl Elongator is our heaviest conditioning styler, this is perfect for the tightest of curls. From detangling to twist outs, our Healthy Curl Complex is combined with high-slip conditioners to make styling easier than ever before. It defines and elongates, leaving curl groupings soft, shiny, and frizz free from root to tip without any trade-offs.

Who is Curl Elongator for?

Curl Elongator was formulated specifically for coily hair.

How do you use Curl Elongator?

Work in sections, apply to wet hair root to tip and comb through for even distrubution & to form curls. Style & dry as usual.

What is the conditioning level of Curl Elongator?

Curl Elongator is our richest conditioning styler formulated for coily hair..

Is there hold in the Curl Elongator

Curl Elongator does not have traditional styling resins that would provide hold. This product is about controlling the hair to keep curls defined, elongated and frizz-free throughout the day.

Can Curl Elongator be used on curly hair?

Curl Elongator was developed to be used on stronger textures such as coily hair and deliver benefits specifically for that hair type’s needs. However, a coarser, curly consumers may be satisfied using the Curl Elongator as well.

Can Curl Elongator be mixed with the other Curl stylers?

Yes, you can mix Curl Elongator with the other Living Proof Curl stylers.

Can I overuse Curl Elongator?

Every consumer is different in the amount of the product one needs. We always suggest starting with smaller amount of product and adding more as needed to ensure a desired result.

Should Curl Elongator be applied to wet or damp hair?

For best results, apply Curl Elongator to wet hair.

Can Curl Elongator be used on dry hair?

Curl Elongator was designed to be applied to wet hair and that is the suggested usage. However, all curl consumers are different with their own unique way of using products.

What is a conditioning styler?

A conditioning styler is a product that provides both treatment and styling benefits. It offers the conditioning of a leave-in treatment and styling benefits of a styling product.

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