Color Care
Whipped Glaze - Dark
Color Care
Whipped Glaze - Dark
Item No. R1018uk

A whipped glaze that deposits temporary dyes to instantly boost vibrancy, counteract color fading and rebalance tone. For darker tones.

Living Proof
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  • Deposits temporary dyes to instantly replenish and rebalance your tone
  • Boosts color vibrancy between color treatments
  • Leaves hair looking healthy, soft and shiny

How to Use

Shake well. Start with clean, detangled towel-dried hair. Hold the can upright and dispense a small amount into your palm. Working in sections, apply product from roots to ends. Comb through to evenly distribute. Apply more as needed. DO NOT RINSE. Wash hands after applying. Style as usual. Reapply as needed to maintain desired tone.

Application Tips

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How often should I use Color Care Whipped Glaze?

Begin using this Color Care Whipped Glaze when you first start to see a shift in your tone. The color enhancing benefits of this product can last through multiple shampoos. For best results, apply to damp hair after every other time you wash your hair.

How is Color Care Whipped Glaze different from other purple leave ins?

The Color Care Whipped Glaze contains cationic red and blue dyes (no purple). The ratio and levels of these two dyes were optimized to work on the different hair colors. Because they are positively charged, they are attracted to the hair, giving improved deposition.

Can I use the Color Care Whipped Glaze on grey hair to neutralize warmth?

Yes, the light Color Care Whipped Glaze may help neutralize any natural yellowing that may occur on grey hair.

What is the fragrance in Color Care Whipped Glaze?

It is the same fragrance used in other Living Proof products, a light scent with citrus-based notes.

Can I use Color Care Whipped Glaze on my natural hair color to enhance?

Yes, you can use Color Care Whipped Glaze on your natural hair to help enhance your hair color. However, the product was formulated to be used on color-treated hair as it is intended to help enhance your hair during the color-loss process.

Does Color Care Whipped Glaze stain towels, hands/hairlines or hair?

Color Care Whipped Glaze contains temporary hair dyes which may discolor your hands. We recommend washing with soap and water after use to avoid discoloring your hands. Similarly, if it comes in direct contact with fabric, the Color Care Whipped Glaze may discolor towels, clothes, etc. Washing with detergent per the manufacturers laundering instructions should completely remove the dye.

When I shampoo my hair, will I lose the benefits from the Color Care Whipped Glaze?

Yes, the benefits of Color Care Whipped Glaze will start to be lost after a few shampoos.

What happens if you choose and use the wrong Color Care Whipped Glaze shade?

If you have light colored hair and use the dark Color Care Whipped Glaze there is a high probability your hair will get over-toned and potentially could have a slight purple tint. If you have dark colored hair and use the light Color Care Whipped Glaze you’ll see limited effects.

What is the usage order of the products if I use the whole system and want to use a detangler and styling products?

The usage order should be Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner followed by the Whipped Glaze and then follow with any additional leave on products. If you would like to use a detangler to comb out with, you can use Restore Perfecting Spray to detangle your hair prior to applying the Color Care Whipped Glaze. However, apply any additional leave on treatments and stylers after applying the Color Care Whipped Glaze.

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