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Perfect hair Day (PhD)

fresh cut split end mender

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A lightweight lotion that instantly seals split ends to keep hair looking and feeling freshly cut. Featuring our patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) and our instant-zip technology which:

  • keeps hair looking smooth and polished 
  • mimics the look of a fresh haircut by sealing and smoothing  ends and aligning hair fibers for a cleaner look
  • instantly seals and heals split ends 

Perfect hair Day (PhD) Fresh Cut is ideal for all hair types. It is silicone-free. Safe and formulated for color and chemically treated hair. 

Application tip: For best results, apply it daily to wet hair after a shower and on dry hair after styling. To help prevent split ends, start using it right after you get a haircut. To treat split ends, use Fresh Cut to keep them sealed. 


For best results, apply to damp or dry hair, focusing on the ends. On damp hair, apply it as the first step (before primers, leave-ins, or other styling products). On dry hair, apply after styling or to touch up. Use as often as needed. 


Does it work on all hair types?

Yes. Fresh Cut can be used on all hair types, however people with highly damaged hair should use this product in addition to their normal Restore routine.

When do I apply it?

For best results, apply to damp hair as the first step in your routine, before primers and leave-ins and after styling on dry hair. Use Fresh Cut as part of your daily routine to keep ends sealed, smooth and conditioned.

How does it fit into my routine?

On damp hair, apply before any other stylers including Prime and leave in conditioners. On dry hair, apply after blow-drying or air drying and on days you do not wash.

Can I use it with other products?

Fresh Cut can be used with any product, but is best used before primers and leave-ins or after styling.

Can I use it on dry hair?

Yes, Fresh Cut works on dry hair as a touch-up and can be used before or after styling.

Can I use it on wet hair?

Yes, Fresh Cut can be used on clean, damp hair and should be applied before primers or leave-ins.

How is this different from Restore Instant Repair?

Fresh Cut is meant for all hair types and specifically targeted to sealing ends. Restore Instant Repair is recommended for dry/damaged hair. It provides richer conditioning that targets damage sites from root to tip and helps prevent future breakage.

How often should I use Fresh Cut?

For best results, Fresh Cut should be used regularly on wet and dry hair to keep hair in its best condition between haircuts. Fresh Cut can be used as often as needed for touch-ups. Fresh Cut should be reapplied after brushing or combing on dry hair.

Is Fresh Cut sulfate-free?


Does Fresh Cut have heat protection?

Fresh Cut alone does not protect against heat. Apply Fresh Cut to damp hair and follow with your favorite styler or heat protector such as Perfect hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment.

Does Fresh Cut have UV protection?

No, Fresh Cut does not protect against UV rays. Use Fresh Cut before Living Proof Perfect hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment to seal split ends and protect against UV rays.

Does Fresh Cut have static control?

No, Fresh Cut does not protect against static, but can be used before Living Proof frizz Humidity Shield or PhD 5-in-1 Styling Treatment to seal split ends and protect against static.

What is the scent of Living Proof Perfect hair Day Fresh Cut?

The scent is a light citrus fragrance similar to what is found in most other Living Proof products.


  • Aol.com
    2017 Aol.com, Winter Beauty Awards: Best Hair Treatment
  • Glamour Magazine
    2017 Glamour Magazine, Best Primer or Leave-In

love notes

Posted by shelley on May 04, 2018

I didn’t believe this would work but wow! It actually works and works remarkably well. I even bought it for my 14 and 17yo daughters. Truly a miracle product!

Posted by Marniek725 on October 10, 2017

I received this as a sample with my very first Living Proof order. I have short bleached blonde hair cut in sort of a messy bob. I generally use a flat iron to make those very straight, fresh cut, ends happen. I tried this and I was amazed! My hair was soft, the ends quite neat, and smooth. This product, along with all the wonderful Living Proof products I have recently started using, will improve your over styled hair. It's truly magical. I purchased the full-size tube of this the next day and will make sure I never run out. Perfect. Treat yourself!

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