Our science

We are problem solvers. We solve the toughest beauty challenges with science and patented technology. Our founders are hair stylists who were fed up with the limitations of conventional products and scientists from outside the beauty industry who werenot confined by preconceived notions of what can and can’t be done. Twenty patents, over 40 products, and more than 100 awards later, we have countless love letters thanking us for making products that keep their promises and for changing lives in ways both big and small. We are the Living Proof. And so are you.

Discovery No. 1

OFPMA Our Healthy Hair Molecule

We discovered a superior way to care for hair — far better than the old industry standard of silicones. Our patented Healthy Hair Molecule, OFPMA, creates an exquisitely thin, weightless, invisible shield around each hair strand.

Repels dirt and oil so hair stays cleaner longer
Eliminates frizz by blocking humidity
Polishes & protects hair strands
Smoothes without weighing hair down
Creates visibly healthier hair over time
Discovery No. 2

PBAE Our Thickening Molecule

We discovered a better way to create thickness, body and fullness without stiff, sticky resins. Our patented Thickening Molecule, PBAE, is a tiny molecule that does big things. Literally.

PBAE is a more effective way to bring fullness and thickeness to hair. It creates a microscopic pattern of thickening dots on hair for long-lasting, touchable fullness, body and thickness.

Makes fine, flat hair look, feel and behave like full, thick hair.
Builds revivable, long-lasting body without stiffness.
Creates friction, the physics behind getting texture and fullness on even the finest hair.
Discovery No. 3

ETAS Our Volumizing & Texturizing Molecule

We discovered a better way to create volume and texture on hair without heavy powders weighing hair down. Our patent-pending Volumizing & Texturizing Molecule, (ETAS: Expandable Textured Aero-Spheres), is lighter and bigger than industry standard ingredients so it delivers big volume and texture on your hair without weighing it down.

Provides instant, weightless volume and texture that lasts.
Transforms fine, flat hair into voluminous styles
Works on dry hair for results anywhere, anytime.