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No Frizz Humidity Shield is a weightless solution for dry hair application that blocks humidity even when it  reaches 100% and prevents and correct the first signs of frizz. Powered by our patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) plus smoothing emollients, No Frizz Humidity Shield:

  • provides 6x more humidity protection
  • works on dry hair anytime, anywhere
  • delivers weightless protection without build-up, so it won't deflate your style
  • protects against damage from UV rays and has static control

No Frizz Humidity Shield is ideal for all hair types and hair styles. It is silicone-free. Safe for colour and chemically treated hair.


Spray Humidity Shield on dry hair as a touch-up or as a final step of your styling routine before you head out the door. 

Hold canister 6-10” away from head. Section hair and evenly mist throughout. Smooth with your hands or comb through to tame frizz. 


Can I use No Frizz Humidity Shield to dry style with heat?

Yes, in fact Humidity Shield has heat protection up to 450°. Spray on dry hair and use your heat tool of choice to smooth and de-frizz hair. If using a flat iron, section hair and spray each section before flat ironing.

What hair types is No Frizz Humidity Shield for?

Humidity Shield is for all hair types and all hairstyles. Whether you want a smooth style or more of a tousled, model-off-duty look, Humidity Shield won’t compromise what you have going. Plus it’s weightless with zero build up, so it will prevent frizz on everything from a coarse, thick to fine, frizzy-prone hair.

Does this work on African American and Hispanic hair types?

Yes, Humidity Shield works on all hair types. Plus it layers well with other forms and types of products, even with oils and conditioners. Coarser, thicker hair can’t use too much Humidity Shield, so she can finish and use again and again.

What happens if you use No Frizz Humidity Shield on wet hair?

There are no negatives effects; however No Frizz Weightless Styling Spray and Nourishing Cream are better for styling on damp hair. Humidity Shield is specifically formulated to be so weightless it can be used on dry hair without weighing hair down or compromising style.

What happens if you get your hair wet? 

Re-apply (like sunscreen).

Is there alcohol in No Frizz Humidity Shield?

Yes, but because it is an aerosol it’s such a fine mist that the alcohol evaporates, so it is not drying or dulling. There are no negative effects of the alcohol on your hair.

Does No Frizz Humidity Shield have heat and UV protection? 

Yes, Humidity Shield has UV protection and static control, which are environmental aggressors of frizz. Plus Humidity Shield has heat protection up to 450°F/232°C.

How is No Frizz Humidity Shield different from Restore Instant Protection?

Humidity Shield is specifically formulated for dry hair and doesn’t require any heat tools (although you can use heat tools if you want). Restore Instant Protection Spray is intended to be used prior to heat styling and thus have heat protection.

How is No Frizz Humidity Shield different from the other Living Proof aerosols: Control and Flex Hairsprays?

Control and Flex are hairsprays so their function is holding style with resins, while Humidity Shield will block humidity to protect against frizz without hold.

How is it different than No Frizz Weightless Styling Spray and Nourishing Styling Cream?

Difference vs. Weightless Styling Spray.

Humidity Shield:

  • Aerosolized so it allows you the most even distribution of the product (vs. a pump spray)
  • Dryer spray so it is ideal for dry hair
  • UV protection and static control

Difference vs. Nourishing Styling Cream.

Humidity Shield:

  • Aerosolized so it allows you the most even distribution of the product (vs. a cream)
  • More lightweight and works on a broader range of hair types
  • Dryer spray so it is ideal for dry hair
  • UV protection and static control

How is this different than other anti-frizz solutions?

Competitive anti-frizz "solutions" contain:

  • Silicones, which weigh hair down and make hair greasy
  • Resins which only glue frizz down not address the problem—humidity

Humidity Shield contains our patented frizz-fighting molecule, OFPMA, which blocks humidity 70% better than what’s in most other anti-frizz products – silicones. OFPMA works by forming a thin, weightless shield around each hair strand, keeping humidity out. No resins needed.

In addition to OFPMA Humidity Shield also has smoothing emollients, an anti-static agent, and a UV protectant. It’s specifically formulated to go on dry hair and:

  • Block humidity from entering the hair
  • Guard against environmental assaults that can cause frizz (like UV damage and static).


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    2015 Nylon, Best Frizz Control
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    2016 AOL Summer Beauty Awards, Best Hair Protection
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    2016 Nylon, Beauty Hit List 2016: Hair’s Best Anti-Humidity
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love notes

Humidity Shield is Fabulous
Posted by Cyndi on August 17, 2017

I’ve been using this product for the past few months, during the very humid weather we’ve been having. This product is amazing. I have very curly hair and after straightening my hair it curls up very quickly with the humid weather. Humidity Shield solves that issue very well. Additionally, my hair feels so smooth and silky. Wonderful product that I will continue to use faithfully. Thanks, Living Proof!!!

Loved it!
Posted by Heather on November 27, 2016

I have very curly hair and I live in the south where it's always humid. A few drops of rain and my hair instantly starts to curl, and once it curls after it's been straightened it's NOT cute curly! I was skeptical of this product because 1. Anti humidity stuff has never worked for me and 2. I hate hairspray with a passion, I hate that sticky and tacky feeling. So alas I was often forced to always have curly hair. I tried this product but the first few days there was low humidity and no rain. But then I straightened my hair one day and went to leave and it was raining. I wasn't prepared with an umbrella so few rain drops fell on my head. Normally this would result in instant frizz and un cute curls, but my hair was still straight, for the ENTIRE DAY. I was amazed at how well if truly works!

Great for anti-humidity plus as a 'hair spray'
Posted by KMc on October 19, 2016

This is a great product. It lasts for days without having to reapply but doesn't build up if you do reapply it. I prefer to use this instead of hair spray just because I am not a big fan of hair spray. My hair is mainly straight but a lot of cowlicks plus grey covered with hair color - it keeps those crazy grey hairs in place. It looks even better after I've slept on it. You don't need to go crazy with spraying it either. Just a nice even layer over your completed style & you are good to go.

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