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A lightweight conditioner for frizz-prone hair that when used as part of the No Frizz System* detangles, conditions and fights frizz. Powered by our patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA), the No Frizz System:

  • weightlessly blocks humidity
  • smoothes hair texture so strands are polished and frictionless 
  • nourishes and conditions, leaving hair feeling moisturized

No Frizz Conditioner is ideal for all frizz-prone hair types. It is silicone-free. Safe and formulated for colour and chemically treated hair.

*The No Frizz System consists of the No Frizz Shampoo, Conditioner and Nourishing Styling Cream



Start with No Frizz Shampoo. Apply No Frizz Conditioner to clean, wet hair, focusing on midshaft to ends. Spread evenly throughout hair. Rinse. Follow with one of our No Frizz styling products.


How is it different from other Living Proof conditioners? 

No Frizz Conditioner was specially formulated to showcase our Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) which fights off humidity so hair stays frizz-free while also repelling direct and oil so hair stays cleaner, longer. Plus it works for a range of hair types.

What is the fragrance in No Frizz Conditioner? 

The scent is a light citrus fragrance similar to what is found in most other Living Proof products.

Is Living Proof No Frizz Conditioner silicone-free?


Is Living Proof No Frizz Conditioner paraben-free?


Is Living Proof No Frizz Conditioner oil-free?


Is Living Proof No Frizz Conditioner vegan?


When and why is it important for a product to be sulfate-free?

You've probably heard a lot about sulfates and generally think they are bad for hair. You should watch out for sulfates in shampoos as when they are used in lathering, cleansing products they can strip hair of its natural surface oils, making it feel rough, dry and brittle. Sulfates can also strip the scalp of its natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation. Examples of commonly used sulfate ingredients that can be stripping include: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate.  You should watch out for these in shampoos.

Sulfates do not inflict damage on hair when used in conditioners or treatments.  When used in these products they actually help make hair smoother, softer and visibly healthier.

Sulfates in conditioners and treatments do not damage chemical treatments or color.  Characterizing them as not good for your hair in these types of products is incorrect.

Does Living Proof No Frizz Conditioner contain proteins?

Yes, hydrolyzed wheat protein.


  • Allure Best of Beauty Awards
    2013 Allure Best of Beauty Awards, Best Shampoo & Conditioner, Frizzy Hair
  • Allure Best of Beauty Awards
    2011 Allure Best of Beauty Awards, Frizzy and/or Curly Hair
  • Self
    2010 Self, Healthy Beauty Awards
  • Martha Stewart Weddings
    2015 Martha Stewart Weddings, 2015 Big-Day Beauty Award
  • InStyle Best Beauty Buys
    2016 InStyle Best Beauty Buys, In-Shower Power Couple

love notes

Great Detangler for Curly Hair
Posted by Stacy Ann on February 09, 2017

My curly-haired friends know that while it is so important for a conditioner to be able to smooth and well...condition, it is equally important for it to be able to detangle curly hair. When curly hair is wet and knotty this can be a difficult (and painful) task. So glad I discovered the No Frizz conditioner. It smooths and detangles like a dream!!!

Posted by Jenna on October 10, 2015

I've had trouble taming my hair for a long time. Living in Florida, my locks are constantly bombarded with the sun and the sometimes intense humidity. I spend thirty minutes or more fixing my hair to go out with my family, only to step outside minutes later and watch all my hard work lost. Working in a kitchen environment, I'm also in and out of the walk-ins constantly. So my hair is further punished, going from below freezing temperatures, to temperature controlled areas, and back to refrigerated areas. It does a number on my hair, until now. My hair is tame and stays that way for days. The shield keeps my hair from getting dirty and picking up the "smells" of the kitchen! I leave at the end of the day and my hair still smells great, not like food! :) I'm constantly complemented on how great my hairs looks and stays compared to everyone else in the kitchen. They keep asking me my secret and I just tell them, Living Proof.

Great humidity control... I mean GREAT!
Posted by KAREN on September 23, 2015

I love the line of No Frizz products! In July I was in Hawaii for two weeks (and even stayed at the Grand Wailea where Jennifer Aniston filmed Just Go With It) and brought along all my No Frizz products. Wow, amazing! My hair stayed straight the whole time! I used the shampoo, conditioner, weightless styling spray and humidity shield. I can honestly say this product works amazingly! Normally I have hair that styles straight, but when humidity is detected, it starts to wave and curl and get fuzzy looking (Under the color, there's plenty of gray in my hair). But not with the No Frizz products... my hair stayed straight and smooth looking the whole trip. This is by far my all time favorite hair product line!

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